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In the
Ciutadella, Roses

From 29/06 to 3/08  2017

Come and enjoy the best summer cinema under the stars!

Espai Cultural la Ciutadella de Roses.
Avinguda de Rhode s/n. Roses.


From June 29 to August 3, 2017

6 projections

Thursdays at 10pm

Doors open at 9:30 p.m.

Entrance adults = € 5 / children = € 3

Rental lounger: €2

Advance sale and special discounts in ATRAPALO

THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 10 pm

Woody Allen, USA, 2016

New York, the 1930s. His problems growing with his parents, his gangster brother and his work at the family jewellery store, Bobby Dorfman decides the time has come for a change of scenery, and moves to Hollywood. There, his uncle Phil, a powerful agent, hires him as an assistant. Bobby then falls in love, but the lady in question already has a boyfriend. A close friendship springs up between them until, one day, the girl knocks on Bobby’s door to tell him her man has left her. Bobby’s life suddenly takes a turn for the romantic.


This smart, elegant romantic comedy, full of twists and turns, shows Woody Allen returning to top form.

Not recommended for spectators under seven years of age. Original version in English with Spanish subtitles.


THURSDAY, JULY 6​, 10 pm

THE FURY OF A PATIENT MAN (Tarde para la ira)
Raúl Arévalo, Spain, 2016

In August 2007, Curro begins a prison sentence for his part in a jewellery shop robbery. The get-away driver, he was the only one arrested. Eight years later, he leaves prison, determined to start a new life with his wife and son. However, things take an unexpected turn when he meets José, who forces him to confront old ghosts from the past in a journey that leads them into an ever-darker spiral of revenge.


A magnificent thriller that triumphed at the Goya prizes, this film grips the spectator from start to finish.

Not recommended for spectators under sixteen years of age. Original version in Spanish.





THURSDAY, JULY 13​, 10 pm

Denis Villeneuve, USA, 2016

When alien spacecraft begin to reach Earth, the army brings in linguistics expert Louise Banks to try to find out whether their occupants come in peace or pose a threat. Louise attempts to communicate with these mysterious invaders, who have their own language, to ascertain the real reason behind this disturbing alien visit...

Winner of a score of prizes around the world, this deeply moving science-fiction film is thought-provoking as well as enthralling.

Not recommended for spectators under seven years of age. Original version in English with Spanish subtitles.





THURSDAY, JULY 20​, 10 pm

KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS (Kubo y las dos cuerdas màgica)
Travis Knight, USA, 2016.

In ancient Japan, Kubo is a clever young man who lives peaceful beside the sea in a tiny coastal village. He earns a living as a story-teller, using origami figures to narrate wonderful tales to his fellow villagers. One day, however, his life is turned upside-down when, ignoring his mother’s warning, he fails to come home before it gets dark. After this incident, the boy finds himself fighting against powerful gods and monsters. To save his family, he will have to find the magic armour that once belonged to his father.

Nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and for the Golden Globes, this movie won the BAFTA for Best Animated Film. A magnificent film that once more demonstrates the excellent work coming from the Laika production company.


Not recommended for spectators under seven years of age. Dubbed into Spanish.






THURSDAY, JULY 27​, 10 pm

Damien Chazelle, USA, 2015


Andrew Neiman is a promising young jazz drummer who enrols at Shaffer Conservatory, one of the most famous music schools in the United States. He wants to become a great musician, but the competition is fierce. When Terence Fletcher, a band conductor famed for his tetchy perfectionism and abusive teaching methods, chooses the young man to form part of the conservatory jazz band, Andrew’s life is plunged into turmoil.


A film so impeccably made that it resembles a melody in itself. Rhythm, tempo, editing and narrative fit together seamlessly in this masterpiece. J. K. Simmons’ overwhelming, furious performance and the breath-taking duel between the two lead characters as they struggle to fulfil their dreams and safeguard their emotional integrity drag the spectator into a terrain where commitment to art and self-sacrifice reach extraordinary limits.


Not recommended for spectators under twelve years. Original version in English with Spanish subtitles







Matt Ross, USA, 2016


Ben is a man who has spent the last ten years living in remote forestland in northwest USA, bringing up his six children. However, circumstances force the family to leave their home in the middle of nature and return to civilisation. But accepting the new situation and adapting to modern society once more will prove no easy matter.


A moving film that gives food for thought as well as laughs and entertainment, all enriched by superb performances by the young cast and an impressive Viggo Mortensen, who puts everything into his role as their father.


Not recommended for spectators under twelve years. Original version in English with Spanish subtitles.




Location: Espai Cultural La Ciutadella

Time: Projection starts at 10pm. Doors open at 9: 30pm.

Admission: adulto €5 and children under 12 €3 .  Rental lounger: €2.

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- 2 x 1 to all partners TRESC

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